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If I gave you $100 to spend however you wanted to, how would you spend it?
If you like ice cream, what is your favorite flavor?
I will be 37 weeks tomorrow and I have been doing a lot of thinking about meeting my baby. I just get all teary eyed even thinking about her and how precious she is. I find myself just wanting to lay down and feel her kick, cherish these last few weeks of pregnancy before she is "earthside". Ahh....just a little emotional pregnancy post,
That is so cute! My DH has been being really helpful in general, I love him so much.
Your description sounds a lot like my diaper bag, minus the small straps. It is Petunia Pickle Bottom, this one: http://www.petuniapicklebottom.com/c...ealicistanbul/
Well, I am a first time Mom to be but for my baby (who is a girl), initially we will be seeing a male doctor because he is the only one in my health care plan that is open to no vax. As she gets older I think I would ask her if she would be more comfortable with a female doctor. For the teenage years, I really think kids should be allowed to choose their own doctor. I personally had a bad experience with a pediatrician as a child (see male OB thread) and I feel very...
Quote: Originally Posted by SuperSarah11 Just out of curiosity, for those that would only see women, is it a sexual thing? Would you see a lesbian? If it is about the experience of being a woman and delivering a child, would you see a childless woman? I was just wondering, since I find the discussion really interesting! This is a good question, I guess the answer for me is yes and no. I would not have a problem seeing a lesbian HCP. I...
Stay cooking little Ashley! It seems like baby is doing great, you just need her to stay put! I hope your friends and family are helping you out!
When I am having one of my gassy times, DH calls me "Mrs. Sound Bottom".
Quote: Originally Posted by njbeachgirl Yeah that has happened to me, when i'm having a poop day. DH calls it angry butt OMG..angry butt?
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