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and i can see more and more smilies.
and i got an error message as i tried to submit my last post. apparently it posted ok.
hmmm....the multicultural forum isn't showing up for me
hey! apparently fuzdad isn't working as well as it seemed...
mine too. i'm getting errors and only these smilies will loadlaughup::fu zdad
It's a beautiful day here too. : Welcome back!!!!!! :
Oh, how beautiful! : I can't believe it's been a whole year. Happy Birthday sweet babies!
In general, instruments are held the same by people who are right handed and people who are left handed. This is so they can play in ensembles without knocking into each other. I'd imagine that someone who is left handed would have a little bit of an advantage over someone who is right handed because the fancier fingerwork tends to be with the left hand.
Quote: Originally Posted by TirzhaZ It makes me sad that there are some that exploit the goodness of others. Those that are giving their money have worked darn hard for it and give it to people that they assume could not get it any other way. Is it possible that they are inches away from being on the street and commuting to a different location allows them to make the money needed to keep themselves in their home? Would they be more worthy once...
wow! that's amazingly awesome! you guys must be floating! i love hearing about good stuff like that!
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