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Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess But Jess, they were picture worthy, right? oh yes, i'd go so far as to say worthy of inspiring the creation of kids.
Quote: Colin Farrell looks hot. Quote: Patrick Dempsey still looks hot even with cuffed jeans. umm, i've studied these hard and don't see any kids :
i hear you. i'm glad he didn't react.
oh wow. i didn't realize she was so sick. i'm glad she had family with her.
write vs. right
Congratulations! Lots of healing energy going out to them. It's awesome that she was able to give birth vaginally and without drugs and that's she's committed to nursing.
also, this is a great site for finding open source (free) software for Macs. There's some really great stuff there http://www.opensourcemac.org/
Quote: Originally Posted by cristeen Yes. Open Office can read and write MS Office file formats. : I've never had any trouble opening an MSOffice file or saving a file in MSOffice format.
yeah, you know you wanna spill it... was it elimidate?
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