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ugh, i get all pissed of when people double park and then i can't find anywhere to go.
whatever are you talking about?
oh man, crooked is the worst! we're both pretty good at parking. we park outdoors though.
Quote: Originally Posted by kymholly I happen to know HK irl & I am SHOCKED at how closely this picture resembles her!!!!: I do have to say, tho, that most of the time she does manage to cover up her right breast! so it's normally the left one hanging out? :
everybody poops. better in your toilet than on your lawn.....
i hope he feels better quickly and doesn't vomit more. healing energy going out to Roo.
one of my pet peeves is people typing "viola" when they mean "voilà" :
shauna and zann and rozzie.
it's May shalena : sorry about your midwife moving
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