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Well, I will 3rd Pamela. She attended the birth of my 3rd son and she was incredibly amazing. We love her so much! I felt really safe and respected in her care. She also has a great personality, so, you know, we had fun at all my prenatals, too!
yeah, i would buy a ton and freeze em. we eat them frozen, and also use frozen ones when making pancakes or muffins or in ds1's oatmeal. he loves blueberries and would probably eat them exclusively if they were in season all year!
do you use desitin?
avocado, eggs (boiled or scrambled...) hummus, almond or cashew butter on toast. she is probably still getting enough from your milk at this point.
crowds. my basement stairs!
the tone of some of the posts on this thread is horrible. i hope that little boy is found safe and is with his family right now.
ayun halliday is very funny. david rakoff and sarah vowell are excellent as well. and i will 2nd dave eggars, but he can get kind of tiring. i do
recently? it was more like 8 months ago. I'm just out of it!
well, just one more good review for Nomad! He repierced my ears recently, and he's awesome. I will take my kids there, if they ever want their ears done.
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