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I'm still nursing my twins at 29 months The 4 things I always recommend is EZ 2 nurse pillow ( I used mine for 2 years. Order before you have the babies.. I didn't and really wish I had) Always tandem (in the beginning i would wake up the 2nd baby to nurse if they happened not to wake up at the same time.) Co-sleep and Swaddle, swaddle, swaddle! ( I did until 14 months) Looking back it was a little difficult in the beginning. I was 18/19, I had very little...
At 38.4 weeks Both babies vaginally Baby A was born head down and Baby B was footling breech
I have a ford escort wagon and I used britax infant car seats for the first 4 months with the double snap n go.. I don't think i would of survived without it. But after that I had britax diplomats rear facing and they fit pretty well. Their father is 6'1 and he would of appreciated more room but wasn't insanely cramped either.
I had a unmedicated breech birth with baby b. I begged for an extraction since i was in so much pain i could barely breath. They pumped me with a bunch of pitocin since it had been a few hours since baby a was born and i wasn't contracting at all. The midwife ended up helping a little bit and it definitely felt different than my vertex baby but I wouldn't say it hurt any more.
I LOVE my Zooper! It even fits into my tiny ford escort station wagon.. And very easily into my mothers van.
I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here.. So I'm sorry if i'm not. I am a 19 year old mother of 8 month old twin boy's. I love children and enjoy reading about infant and child development. I'm loving, caring, attentive,reliable, responsible, & playful. I open to light-heavy housekeeping as well. I have over 6 years of nanny experience and excellent references. I know CPR and first aid. I currently reside in Frederick, MD. I would prefer to stay close but am willing...
My boy's will be 8 months tomorrow :] http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...e&id=514049199 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...8&id=514049199 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...8&id=514049199 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pi...6&id=514049199
Quote: Originally Posted by kjoy2 I often do a Beco on the back (butterfly version, so it's easy to swing a younger baby onto your back, backpack style) and then an Ergo on the front. I had not thought of trying out a Beco for the back.. I'm off to find a Beco to borrow to try this out!
There are some day's when i think it's pretty darn easy.. Of course there are some moments when I feel overwhelmed and some days when I don't get to shower. But I can't complain all that much.. I really enjoy being a mama of twins. And I'm sure I'll enjoy it even more once i start getting a little more sleep!
Congrats!!!! :
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