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i'm open to anything. i think the may ddc opened a forum using http://www.conforums.com yahoo groups end up confusing me somehow
I love all of the baby pictures!: Dylan & Oliver
But I'm just spooked.. My babies slept from 1am-9am. And I honestly don't really want that to happen again anytime soon. You would think I got a good nights sleep.. But I kept waking up around the times they usually nurse wondering if they were still alive! My boobs were so hard by the time they finally woke up. They went right down for a nap they nursed as well.. I know I shouldn't really be complaining. But I don't like this at all. I still feel full even though i...
My boys have had a paci since day 3.. My nipples needed a break! First we had the mams but they stopped taking it. At the moment we just use Nuks w/ latex in the car or in the store.
I don't plan on having any more kids for the next 5 years at least! I'm only 19.. so the way i see it.. I have about 20 more years to have kids. And I love how this thread has 300 more views than it originally did in October haha
HAHAHA! Thank you very much.
I have pretty much let the baby stuff go in the past two weeks.. We have been fighting constantly about the same stuff.. He doesn't feel loved or wanted because he expects me to.. take care of both of the babies 24/7(which i love to do), do all of the laundry myself, clean up everything including his dirty underwear in the middle of the floor, all of the shopping alone with two babies, cook all of the food, find time to eat, shower, go to the bathroom at least twice a...
When your partners idea of spending time with the kids is LOOKING at them for a couple minutes a day. Whenever I try to encourage him to spend time with them.. They get handed right back within the first minute . I have zero help taking care of the boys.. which would be fine if I at least had help getting food or cleaning up.
Congrats!!! I can't wait to see pictures :
Such a cute chubby baby! I love his hat. You have gorgeous children :
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