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Seriously! is he in denial that i'm going to NEED him and that things are going to be quite challenging or does he just not give a flying [insert four letter word here]! He was just recently banned from a game he played all the time online (World of Warcraft) at first he was fine with it and even said before hand that if he did that would be fine and he was going to take a break anyway because of the babies. Except now.. he just bought a new online game.. today.. we have...
Yay! you can do it! I have the same fears.. I'm 37 weeks also.. due 6/16. I'm extremely jealous at the moment. I hope you have a great birth
Quote: Originally Posted by Ooey Not that I'm complaining about this, but I find it odd that I'm 37 weeks and have hardly felt a cramp in weeks let alone had any contractions. I was getting a lot of cramping around 28-30 weeks, until I started taking an iron supplement which gave me a lot more energy and the cramping totally stopped. So now that it's getting closer to the end and I'm not feeling ANYTHING, I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm taking it a...
I'm still driving..at 37 weeks.. measuring 48 weeks last week. I don't drive often.. a few times a week. But that's because I'm a bum that lives in her mothers basement.. I usually hop in my moms car with her and hope she's going somewhere I need to go.
Opps.. I'm guessing you mean me.. I lurk so often i don't realize when i'm not posting anything.. Babies are still inside.. I feel like i'm going to be pregnant forever
conformation that I'm loosing my mucus plug meaning that something.. anything is happening at some point.. makes me almost as giddy/scared as i was when i got my first period.
What does it look like? I've heard a big brown booger.. I've found a few large clumps of clear booger like mucus.. does it have to be brown for it to be part of your mucus plug?
I've been really low.. My last reading was great though.. 117/70.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oonah 38 weeks tomorrow....I don't have any inkling that anything is going to happen anytime soon....I DO want baby to wait until DH has healed from his scratched cornea. He's hurting and now would be a horrible time for baby to come. My step father had a scratched cornea..My little sissy scratched it when she was 9 months old.. He ended up having a lot of issues. It took about a year to fully heal :/ I hope your...
I'd like to be next! I'm 37 weeks Monday.. My mother wants them to wait until she's ready.. which will be never
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