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Should i be doing kick counts? I feel them move sometimes.. but i don't really pay attention much..
How to? When to start? When to stop? What to use? Any cons?
Quote: Originally Posted by JustVanessa blue and black cohosh, EPO inserted vaginally, Long walks. I personally wouldn't do castor oil at 36 weeks. yeah.. castor oil doesn't sound very fun..my body already seems to be clearing out by itself.
I'm DONE.. and even my midwife would like to see them come this week. I'm afraid the procardia set me back a bit. I would love some induction idea's.. I'm not willing to do anything sexual with the dp though...ick(i would rather be pregnant forever actually)
Yay me! 36 weeks and 60.5 pounds gained. I can't believe i'm 9 months pregnant with twins.. Last Thursday i was measuring 43 weeks.. I wouldn't mind one bit if they decided to come out now! I just have to clean up the room and bathroom a bit then i'm all ready.. except for a sling or pouch.. i can't seem to figure out what i want.
I thought i had already had A LOT of vaginal fluid since i've been pregnant.. and it's most deff increased the past week or so.. I usually end up changing my underwear a couple times a day because i'm too lazy to buy pantiliners or something
I caught my little sister last year! It's really an amazing experience.. even though i was elbow deep in fluid after. My Dp is up for it.. but okay with not catching. He gets 2 chances.. depending on the position i'm in i will probably want to catch.
Do you have any favs? I'm thinking i can probably get away with just two... maybe a nightgown and a shirt and pant set. both short sleeve and 100% cotton.. and reasonably priced
I'm all over the place today! I go from feeling very angry/violent towards certain people ( good reason though imo) to very calm and loving.. and i actually just thought about how much i'm in love with my dp and how glad i am that he is the father of my children... which is a first this pregnancy! I go from being sooo tired and almost falling asleep.. to very very hyper and awake. full to nauseous to starving.. sore to feeling great.. what the heck is wrong with me today!
Congrats!!!! : I'm so glad you had a wonderful birth! I can't wait to see pictures of your boys.. and I'm next I hope!
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