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DH and I have come to the decision that the midwife we hired is not right for us.  This is a decision that is in some ways easy but in some ways very difficult.  I know it's the right decision, but I really have no idea what the right next step is.  She is the only midwife who attends births in the area (we live in a hostile state), so finding another local midwife isn't a possibility.  The way I see it, we have several choices.   1) Go unassisted.  This is our third...
I would definitely recommend a doula, especially given your history. I am a doula, and I still had one, plus the midwife's apprentice, who was a doula, plus the midwife, plus a friend to watch DS. Oh, and DH. It didn't feel crowded at all, because each person there had a role to fill and was there by my invitation, in my home, and was respectful.
DS went through a phase where he would pee on the floor, then bend over and lap it up like a dog. We had to nip that one quick.
I have a confidentiality agreement that I use between me and my client. The hospital has no part in it. They aren't the ones you work for. I wouldn't sign it on that principle alone. I take that autonomy very seriously, as I feel it is necessary for maintaining trust between me and my client.
I got a super thin plastic paint drop cloth from Home Depot. It was only like 1 mil, and wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as the thick waterproof bed covers. I definitely needed it, too, since my PPH soaked the top layer. It made it so easy to have a clean set of sheets underneath.
My issue with UC is that you're forcing yourself into a choiceless choice. IF anything goes wrong, you're forced to choose between staying at home and dealing with it yourself or going to the hospital. There's a list a mile long of small minor complications that can happen in an otherwise uneventful birth that DO require knowledgeable attention. These can be handled easily and respectfully by a competent midwife. If someone can be comfortable knowing they will have to...
Just keep doing what you're doing. When they all have clingy, whiny, insecure 3-4-5 year olds, they'll be asking you what your secret is to having such an independent, secure, confident child.
Even if you don't otherwise use cloth diapers, get a cloth sim diaper. The disposable swim diapers just get sogged out and horribly uncomfortable for baby, and start to sag so they can't actually catch any poop, which is their only purpose (the pee comes out in the water). The cloth ones fit snugger and are much better at containment. Nobody wants to swim in poop soup. As far as flotation devices, you and your baby will figure out what you're comfortable with. My...
Take a look at "The Five Love Languages". It's all about how different people naturally show affection, and how we can relate to people who are a different "language" than we are. I am a "physical touch" and my DH is an "acts of service". We've had some conflict over it, but we've gotten better about remembering our differences. It sounds like your SIL is definitely a "physical touch" and is just showing affection to her nephew in her most fluent love language. If...
I would call, but instead of asking for *this* play, ask about the upcoming schedule. They may already have the year planned out, and you can find out what the first play after her 10th birthday is. Then you will be able to talk positively about how much fun it will be to audition after her birthday.
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