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Ella Lorraine was born on 11/21/11.  She shares a birthday with her dad!  She is 8lbs 2oz 18 1/2 inches and was born one day after her due date.  This was my first unmedicated birth.  It was very intense and painful, but I wouldn't change it!  It was also my shortest labor.  Birth story and pictures to come...  
So I've been having strong contractions 6-7 minutes apart since 2am.  I'm hoping this is it, but they aren't getting closer together...
Yay!  Congrats!
Congrats, he's so cute!
Doesn't work for me either.  I've been doing absolutely nothing by laying around since Wednesday.  I am so bored!
What a story!  Congrats!
So I just lost my mucous plug with a little blood.  I've never had that before with any of my other pregnancies.  It was quite gross!  Hopefully that means something is happening soon!
Passed my NST today and my bp is down, so all is good to have a baby!  Now if only she thought the same way!
39 weeks 4 days Two of my little ones wanted to help!
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