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thank u for taking time! muuwah! will post after a month or somthn hehe
sorry its been hard to access a computer! lol thank u again! i can say ive been eating healthy and only drink water or some fresh fruit juices nothin else.. well maybe i lack exercise.. lol first i stil have to do your regimen next week, cant do anything now since im still travelling.. i guess you are right about moisturizing.. ill do that too.. what light moisturizer should i buy? for guy skin/face and should i apply it twice a day? do i apply it over the apple...
im not sure about make up and stuff.. im a guy hehe. thanks for the reply! well.. i dont think im being harsh with my face though.. well maybe before when i used to use those OTC products.. till i stopped using them since its really not working for me.. at that time when i stopped using cleansing products.. i only use warm water on my face, thats it.. my face got better but i still have occasional pimple and i cant seem to get rid of my blackheads.. so im kinda sick of...
hi spastica.. i just found this website.. i would like to try your regimen.. i have oily skin.. do i really need to moisturize after toning? by the way what skni type do you have thanks
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