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Hello!     I'm new to the area and would like to compile some resources for my future practice (am studying for the 2012 IBLCE). Would love to know some knowledgeable, experienced practitioners in 3 categories:   *IBCLCs who are known for being good at identifying tongue ties, especially those pesky posterior ones   *ENTs/dentists/pediatric surgeons who are willing to clip them AND understand the importance of this on breastfeedinfg   *Bodyworkers...
Is she receiving any chiropractic or craniosacral work? Or physical therapy of any kind, to help her integrate the clipping? She's been nursing ineffectively for 5 months - that's a LOT of muscle memory of dysfunctional habits to change! My number one recommendation would be bodywork.   Also, how are you supplementing? With a bottle? If so, is it paced feeding? And would you consider using a supplementer at the breast?   Actually, my first question would be...
Just wanted to share this for any mama who is trying to figure this out on her own. The Jack Newman videos are nice in terms of showing it BEING used, but he threads the tube into the baby's mouth himself. Not only does this do nothing to help moms figure out how to do it when they are alone (which is reality for most moms at most feedings), but it also is literaly IMPOSSIBLE to do with a Lact-Aid. You can do it with the SNS because the tubing is harder, which also makes...
  You don't think it's going to be a media (breast)feeding FRENZY when it actually hits the shelves?? OMG, the number of news sources that are going to be aaaaaallll over this . . .  Mark my words. I think it'll make Rosin's article look like a tiny blip on the radar. Yes, everyone relevant will rise to the occasion and refute the BS, but it's going to be a huge mess for a while.
I'm speaking to a hospital-sponsored breastfeeding support group about PPDs tomorrow, and would love any fun ideas! One thing I'm thinking of is passing around the PPD's Bag of Tricks, and having attendees pull out items that represent various functions and benefits of postpartum doula care (i.e. a scrubby for light housecleaning, a sleep mask for naps, a baby book for infant care info, a coffee mug for companionship, that kind of thing). I'll have a white board and...
I totally agree, it was incredible. I blogged about the whole thing here.    
I'm just getting started with actually observing/attending births and was wondering if there is a standard template that is commonly used, any sort of ledger or some such to keep track. Not necessarily for recording tons of detail, but the basics, primarily to keep dates and numbers and any significant distinctions. TIA!
One mo' time! I have until 9 pm Sunday to connect with someone, as I depart for the airport then.
Just bumping!
Hi there! I'm going to be in San Fran for the BlogHer Food Conference next weekend. Thursday night through Sunday, and I will need to be pumping while away. I'm not sure what my volume will be like since my DD is now 2.5, but it's still good milk, and I would hate to have it go to waste (I'm sooo not dealing with trying to transport it back home). The hotel should have a mini fridge for me to store it, so I'm thinking one or two pickups would probably do.
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