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My family is addicted to ghee and nutritional yeast with himalayan sea salt sprinkled on.
I try to eat "natural" sugars, for instance- I LOVE medjool dates(organic-good quality). They taste like carmel to me and curb my sweet tooth. I find that if I start to indulge in sugar it's hard for me to stop. I find it truly addictive. That doesn't happen when I stick to natural sugars such as that found in fruits/nut bars like lara bars, and raw cocoa nibs.
Check out Evergreen or even Conifer. I live in Conifer which is definitely more of a "secluded" feel than Evergreen but I LOVE it. Great place to raise children. Meets all your stated needs.
I recently called it on 2 woman in 1 week, but I have many times before. 2 of my sisters pregnancies before she knew it and several friends and coworkers. I can't even begin to describe what it is other than pure intuition.
Things I have noticed about my seriously skinny friends- All of them: ~Drink TONS of water ~snack on raw veggies a lot ~Nuts are their source of fat ~indulge in the occasional "bad food" but in a small portion followed or preceded by raw veggies ~walk or do some sort of light exercises regularly ~rarely eat out   As easy as all that looks, I too still struggle with the last 20lbs I carry. 
Your other option is a post nuptial agreement. This would require both of you to be in agreement of said arrangement, and have it drafted by a lawyer. It would keep things separate even if you do choose to divorce. 
Hi Mama,  I live south of you about 20 min in Conifer. I have 2 daughters ages 2 1/2 and almost 4. Send me a pm if your interested in a play date. Also check out the library in Evergreen, they have great story times with lots of like minded mamas there. Also another great resource is www.coloradoap.com (colorado attachment parenting board). 
My only advice is to give yourself some time. Finding positions that work well for nursing them together can get tricky, but you will find what works for you. I think in general the first month was hectic/overwhelming and then we found our "flow" I love nursing my girls together, watching them hold hands and sooth each other is beautiful. It's a nice way for all of us to connect and relax. I have been tandem nursing for 8 months now and still enjoy it. Now a days I find...
Quote: Originally Posted by jjawm I had a biter for over a year. That has been the worst time in parenting for me, because she bit other kids. This is what I learned: Not much works, except growth and maturing, and keeping an eagle eye out for when the head moves into biting position. I could write a list of what we tried and failed at, but that would be depressing. Just trust that it is a developmental stage that will eventually end. :
The DVD is of him giving a lecture to a group of people. It covers all the same concepts of the book and is interactive with the audience. I find it to be very informative, and a bit long because it really is a lot to take in. I would reccommend watching it in a couple of different sittings, and a couple of times because you will miss a few significant details if you only watch it once, just my opinion. I love that I have my own copy and can re-study the whole concept...
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