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I will hands down never have a baby without Anne Walters. I had her for both my births, she is awesome!!! She let me have the births I wanted. I labored for 36 hrs the first time, 24 hrs the second and she was very reassuring that everything is fine, and let my body do it's thing. No talk of c-sections, constant monitoring, or drugs. She made sureeveryone respected my birth plan. Icould talk her up all day, I just REALLY love her.
Hi, I am currently eating about 70% raw, and loving it! I am new to this and wanted to know if one of you had an answer to this question: Several recipes call for soaking your nuts overnight, then drying them for 24 hrs in the dehyradtor, then using them dry in the recipe.I was wondering how long they will keep if soaked and dried? If it's for a good length of time that would really help me cut down on all the planning ahead of what I'm going to eat. Thanks
I pulverize it into a smoothie. The trick is to do the kale w/ some water first then add your other ingredients. My dd loves a smoothie of kale, lots of bananas, blueberries, dates, probiotics and flax meal, sometimes I'll add an orange for good measure:
Thirsties are great w/ them!!!
I am in the same situation and found the perfect solution-buy used newborn cloth. The don't have time to get worn out and are MUCH cheaper. I recently scored 16 kissaluvs 0's w/ liners for $80.00 that included shipping. They are in great condition and I can always re-sale them and recoup some of that$$. I also got 2 dozen GMD unbleached inewborn prefolds for $18.00 (postage included) used that are in great condition and I didn't even have to 'prep' them.I can later use the...
Hi, I am new to cloth diapering. I actually haven't even started yet but have ordered all my supplies, which include 2 dozen GMD prefolds, some thirsties covers, and 6 Bum Genius 3.0 for night time wear, and I have several wool longies. My understanding is I should wash the diapers and prefolds several times before using them. Is that wash and dry and wash and dry again, how many times? Also on Bum Genius' website they give instructions on what temperatures to wash your...
My dd started to do the same thing at about that age. Like pp said just keep telling them "gentle" and show them by gently placing their hands on you. My dd is now 15 months old and is *just* starting to 'get it' although we still have days I feel like I've said/showed gentle every 2 minutes ALL DAY LONG.
I just about died when dh and I were in a store that had that song "Shake your laffy taffy..candy girl" I caught dh singing it and asked him what the heck he was saying and he said "You know-'shake your lubby dubby" : What in the world is a lubby-dubby???!!!!
If you go to youtube.com and search "coping dvds to ipod", there are several videos of how to do it, I always found those helpful.
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