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COOL!!! Is he a chef in Colorado? What restauraunt? I'm in Co as well. What an amazing opportunity
I LOVE my glamourmom tanks, I buy the extra long ones and highly reccomend them. I have some that I wear religously for over a year and they still look fantastic.I also have the Bravado ones and I really liked those as well, but would prefer to have them be a bit longer.
I am currently pregnant and nursing. My kids will be 15 months apart so I have had 2 pregnancies back to back and have lost 2 teeth during this pregnancy. Prior to having children all I ever had was 2 cavities But hey, add it to the list of sacrifices we mamas have when it comes to our beautiful babes:
I am just getting ready to have my 2nd, but A LOT of my friends have 3 or more children. I don't know if it holds any truth but from what I hear adding that 3rd is super chaotic, all my friends say that 3rd was the hardest adjustment. Just something to think about if you already feel your not the most patient/playful mom. That is a tough decision on so mnay levels. I hear a lot of moms say they knew when they were done having kids, I personally don't feel done or not...so...
I was curious if you lost your pregnancy weight any quicker tandem nursing vs just nursing your first. I seem to be the type that can't looose a pound while nursing and am hoping that w/ me tandem nursing it will come off quicker even if it's slowly.
I would try to use it, my understanding is a baby won't drink it if it's rancid/spoiled. They know better then we do, so if lo drinks it up it should be fine.
What a horrible thing to say. I can't help but think whart an ugly person she must be to make such a comment. Sure she may look good on the outside but she sounds downright rotten beneath the surface to say something like that~and to YOUR mother. I would never tolerate someone speaking of my child in such a horrible way. I am SO sorry.
For those of you who tandem nursed, did your older child/toddler put on some weight w/ the increase of nursing/milk supply? I have a 15 month old bean pole-super active child that I am hoping to fatten up a bit once I have this baby. What was your experience?
My #1 choice would be Ruby, but I also like Edith and calling her Edie~way cute!
Quote: Originally Posted by JenInMpls Children know the parents they need to come to, and whether your baby girl has Down Syndrome or not, she knows you are the family for her. Which to me says that if she does, regardless of the initial shock, you will find the strength, means and path to parent her just the way she needs to be. And so will your husband. It's just scary to have the possibility of a child with a disability staring you in the face, but...
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