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~people found humour in that?!!?? Not to go off topic but recently dh overheard a guy at a campsite talking about how he "cured" his child of his annoying whinning by putting him in a closet everytime he did it and his kid was like 14 or 15 months old! I thought about that for weeks, I even lost sleep over it-how cruel this childs parents are! Makes me feel like we live in a really efffed up world at times....
Yeah, I feel modeling the behavior is the way to go, and we do. We also do the "Baby Signing Times" videos and there is the 'please, thank you, sorry' song but dd has not picked up those signs, and I really should be signing it as well as saying it. My annoyance is along the lines of those who do the "now what do you say...." prompting.
I believe it's normal. I recall that w/ my last pregnancy as well and am starting to notice it with this one too. My theory is I am excreting more of the baby's waste as she is getting bigger and has more of it. That's what someone told me, and it seems to make sense. Just about everything coming from my body these days is more pungent!
I'm at work and can't see the article, but my dd is 14 mo and has a little bit of raw cows milk everyday. I am still nursing but also pregnant and my supply is way low these days, so she gets 2-3 ounces of the raw milk. We haven't had any problems what so ever.
How strictly do you 'enforce' please/thank you onto your child? We recently visit a friend and it seemed she was really on her kids butt about it- to the point it was annoying me. My dc is very young and not verbal (yet). I kind of see it as the forced "I'm sorry" so I was curious what your take was on it.
WOW~what surprises me the most is the 6 month mark, since technicallly kids that follow the schedual haven't recieved all their "doses" to be considered adequetly vaccinated until they are a year old.
awww, that's so cute!
Although I've never used it to boost my supply, I have experienced an increase in supply from drinking it occasionally. I definetly got engorged way more than what was the norm for me. On a seperate note, what supposedly "causes" the increase is the malt in the beer. I have had equal results with drinking Ovaltine chocolate milk or any other "malted" concotiion~so for me there is truth to that. Hey-it might be worth a try, and no worries on the alcohol
Thanks for your post, I am approaching the "tandeming waters" and it's refreshing to hear someone speak of it in a positive light:
Thanks for everyones input, I too like Anisa-BUT I feel it would be pronounced Ah-nis-sa sort of like Alyssa. Please keep the suggestions coming. We are open to all possibilities
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