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What helped us was attaching a twin bed to our king bed, it gave her her own space to thrash about in the night and still the closeness of us without disturbing our sleep. Of course this is only an option if you have the space.
I haven't read the book but was curious what his prediction on how Colorado would fare through this is? I live in the foothills and we have lots of available water from snow melt and lots of farmable land east of the mountains.
Quote: Originally Posted by mean_jeannie My ds is 27 mos and before I started getting the "Daily Groove" updates from http://www.enjoyparenting.com/ I was getting really negative and discouraged. It's funny how these little tidbits show up in my phone, I read them, and gain a teeny bit of new perspective - perspective that helps me remember I am helping my child learn about life. Toddlers are so overwhelming. Try to keep your sense of humor. ...
I usually just add that they should then find great comfort in their all-mighty vaccine from anything my unvaxed child might expose theirs to
I have found that my closest and dearest friends are like me~More male minded than female minded. Our relationship is deep and simple. I unfortunatly have had to work with females who are catty and passive agressive. I work on my feet 12 hrs a day and dealing with those woman is what's physically exhausting-not the job.
We keep cash in our home safe as well.
Well, I am 31 weeks pregnant, and my dd is 14 months old. My milk supply took a dive, and then stayed there. I am thankful I didn't "dry up" But in all honesty-dd is probably getting 3-5 ounces total between both breasts. She too did the constant nursing back and forth thing. I thought it would pass, but here we are and she is still constantly back and forth-ALL NIGHT LONG!!! It gets rather annoying/painful once my breasts are drained, but she just keeps going at it I...
Great question...I am curious as well. right now we have the Costco/American Express- it's o.k. I am looking for something I can pay my mortgage on and gets points for and pay the card off every month.
Baby#1 it ended at 11 weeks Baby#2 it ended at 20 weeks.
Hi, I am looking for some ideas on adding on a twin along side our king bed. The problem is the gap between the beds, I have shoved a bunch of pillows into it, but my dd still wedges herself into the gap, and it scares me.We have her twin up against a wall on one side and our bed up against hers.She is a tornado in her sleep and we will soon have a new baby in our family bed, so I need to find a way to make this work. Moving her out of the family bed is not an option I...
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