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DD wears soft soled shoes or goes barefoot. We LOVE platypaws.
Mortgage- $1600.00 (1400sq feet, 3 bedroom 1.5 bathroooms) Health Ins-$650.00/month for me,dh,and dd.Includes dental and vision. Car Ins-$250.00/month Electricity-$150.00 Cable-$160.00/month Cellphone-$160.00/month for 2 lines-we don't have a landline Water-$50.00/month
I would definetly take her to the doctor/ER. My dd had a febril seizure ( a seizure brought on by a high fever) with a temp of 104. Turned out she had a kidney infection Not to scare you, but it was a scary experience I would never wish on anyone.
I had the Paragaurd and HATED it. Constant pain, cramping, non stop preods. It was aweful!!! That being said, I think I have an allergy/sensitivity to copper. I am going to get the Mirena put in after this baby as I have heard a lot of good things about it and hope I have a positive experience. Worst case scenario-I get it taken out which is no big deal.
Well , my AF showed up 10 weeks post pardum-even though dd was EFB. The only 'warning' I had (which I did not recognize it for what it was at the time) was the incredibly bitchy mood I was in the day before she came. AND of course-we were out in the middle of the woods camping:
Quote: Originally Posted by jjawm I drool over phil and teds. http://www.philandteds.com/nz/sport_07_1.htm It looks like the weight goes pretty high. But so is the cost. This is the stroller I have w/ the second seat attachment. I LOVE it. It was worth every penny and should anything bend/break Phil& Teds will ship you the part right away at no cost. Their customer service is fantastic! I have taken this stroller over some serious terrain and it...
I still refer to my 13mo dd as a baby, she is just starting to try and walk, but my bf dd is 17 months and just starting to walk-so I don't know how accurate the "toddling" definition really is.
YUP- I did the $1200.00 gift card and got the extra $120.00 I think it's a great deal. Anyhow they say it's 1 per household, but all they use to varify that is your club card membership. I told dh we should get another large gift card under his parents club card since they don't plan on doing it. I was given 4 cards w/ $330.00 on each. That's free money, and when combined w/ coupons=big savings. My mutual funds aren't yielding a 10% return!!
: wow- I could've written that post word for word. I have a 13 month old doing the exact.same.thing....So far I have resolved myself to endless hours in bed with her reading, knitting, or just about anything I can do while laying next to her as she sleeps/nurses. I would love to hear some suggestions and get a bit of freedom from it all....
Congrats on your credit score! It feels good doesn't it? ~As far as your husbands job-it sounds like quite an array of different scenarios that can play out. Personally when it comes to these types of situations I found that I have very little/no control over how they will go. I tend to waste needless energy stressing over it and in the end it all works out and I have a few more grey hairs. I guess my point is prepare for the worst case as best as possible, but don't let...
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