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SO TRUE!!!! One of my best friends died in a freak accident, didn't have a will and had a 6 year old daughter. Her dd was given to her biological father (who she knew but not well at all) Who gladly took her even though my friend lived with her mother (the childs grandmother) and she wanted her. Long story short he took her to get the life insurance money then offered her back to her grandma under the stipulation he got to keep all of it.:Puke does it get any more...
:dd still nurses 3-5 times thru the night, and she will be 16 months old when the new baby arrives. Will I get ANY sleeep?????I'm thinking no
fake farting noises-I can deal with the real ones better!
At that age my dd wore a onsie, some socks and and some homemade baby leggs. That worked out great especially for all those late night diaper changes, her legs stayed warm and I didn't have to mess w/ pulling pants off and on. I swaddled her in a muslin wrap which is very breathable.
DD has been wearing hers 24/7 since she was 4 months old, she is 13 months old now. I LOVE it, it really seems to work, looks so stinkin' cute on her and has given us zero problems (as far as sleeping with it on, etc).
Hi, I don't want to start a debate by any means. I am curious for those of you who birthed w/ an epidural (regardless of whether that was your intent or not ) how you felt about it? ***Heres my background (sorry-LONG) I was to birth in a birthing center. I labored at home for the majority of my labor. By the time I got to the center I was at an 8 (this was after about 33-35 hours of labor at home). I was feeling very impowered and ready to have my nautral birth. An hour...
no advice-but I feel your pain. Dh and I joke that dd is doing her 'sun salutations' while nursing. SHe has mastered the downward dog and can practically stand on her head and nurse
Hi, I was curious at what age did you notice your child make a connection to natural consequences? When did they realize that if they for instance stand up in the tub they can/will fall? Or any if they do A, B will naturally follow type of behaviors? Thanks
Without going into detail I too have similar feelings/issues with my family. I have found the best way to deal with it is to 1) Short and sweet visits 2) Stay in a hotel-not at their homes 3)Keep topics on the kids and not on past family issues 4)Accept that I cannot hold them to "my standards" and that I cannot change them. I just try to take the good with the bad and keeping the visits to 1-2 days at most makes it easier to just focus on their good qualities. ...
well it looks like our minimum wage is $7.00/hr and I would totally expect to pay a babysitter that, but another kid who's playing with my kid while I'm there? That sounds expensive!When I just googled what others were paying (across the country) some were as low as $2/hr and some as high as $7/hr. The higher paid ones seemed to be highschool students w/ added responsibilities like making the child lunch, helping w/ homework, etc. I was thinking like $5/hr for playing w/...
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