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The only info I could find about this lead me to believe that they used to get Grade A from a producer and now they get Grade B.  That they probably pulled all the old ones off the shelf before putting the new stuff out.  It was "grade A amber" which frankly wouldn't be able to tell you whether grade A, grade A amber, or grade A dark was closer to to grade B.  There isn't an international standard for grading and it is all about taste not quality.     I prefer B and...
If you are on the executive board that is very different than being on the "PTA."  I am involved in a lot of volunteer organizations (some with boards and some without) and just because it is volunteer doesn't mean you can pick and choose how and when to participate.  If you have volunteered to be on the board then you have to accept the responsibilities that come with that which may mean doing things you find "inconvenient."  If this was not fully explained to you when...
Dreambox is great and you can do it for the 9 and 6 year old.  DS loves dreambox.
I don't know why people say "terrible twos."  Two was cake!  Three was really, really hard!     Will your baby nap in a carrier?  Can you take your 3 yo out for walks/to the playground/ bike ride while the baby naps on you?   Have you tried "fine wine time"?  I find that a little drink at about 4pm can really get me through the rest of the day.  (Maybe that isn't the world's best mom advice, but it is true)
Ds does not self entertain.  However, audio books and his favorite music on his own personal ipod (hand me down) have worked out nicely! He really never plays with a toy alone.  We joke that we only own toys for when his friends come over.  And it is really true, the only time he plays with any toys is if there is another kid who wants to play with the toy.  He's not even that interested in adults playing with toys with him. He does like adults to play games (board,...
What about a scooter? Often kids can scoot longer than walk. The razor ones fold in half for storage and such. We live in a city and tons of kids are on scooters and I have seen many "checked" at coat checks in museums.
Shut the box is an awesome game Farkle (I think this is basically a tame version of the game 'hot dice' which I originally played as a drinking game but doesn't have to be!) Berries, bugs, and bullfrogs (a cooperative game) Farmers market (another cooperative game)
Follow around adults. Ask me 500 questions. Find someone else to talk to about something. Lay in the middle of the kitchen floor while someone is cooking dinner Sit too close to me on a 100 degree day   Be read to listen to audio books (as long as they are not too dramatic) ride his bike or scooter or talk walks make plans write lists plan parties go outside he helps cook, clean, hang out with the baby play board games
Hmm. Maybe chess? We have a chess set so I don't know if getting a new one makes sense, but maybe. He uses tools all the time with dp so I don't think he'd be impressed with his own as he already uses grown up tools. He got snap circuits last year. Thanks for the ideas so far. Keep 'em coming if you have anymore!
Books My princess boy 10,000 dresses When you look up either of these books on amazon you will get other suggested titles as well.
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