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I let ds play outside if he is up to playing outside.  He'll let me know if he's too sick.    I do think that getting cold and miserable makes kids get sicker, but it is more the "miserable" that does it.  The other day ds was not dressed warmly enough and we ended up having to wait outside for someone for a long time and he was miserable.  He had just been a little stuffy, but once we got home he needed to lay down, under blankets, and drink tea.  I thought he was...
I have a 5 year old and work with 2-6 year olds as well.  I think talking about feelings and frustrations is totally appropriate and needed.  I try to use "I" statements with my kid and my students, "I feel frustrated when you don't help clean up the mess you made."  I also label feelings that kids are having, "When so and so didn't let you play the game, you felt excluded and that made you feel angry and sad." or whatever.  Just yesterday my 5 year old said to me, "I...
We also have dixit which we play as a more cooperative game (we don't keep score)
We have hoot owl hoot, lost puppies, berries bugs and bullfrogs, secret door, claws and caves and farmers market. We have also played Max at a friend's house and stone soup, both were good (max was very popular with the kids) Hoot owl hoot and lost puppies are younger. Ds has been playing them since 4 yo or so. ETA: Links All of these games are officially "cooperative" games. You all play as a group, there is usually a common "foe." It might be time, or a cat, or...
We watch all the David Attenborough documentaries with ds. He's 5.5 now and we've been watching them since he was 4 or maybe younger. I can't recall whether or not we watched them at 3 as we didnt watch that much with him then. He also gets the Ranger Rick Jr. magazine. And has been getting it for several years. He really likes it.
I prefer mixed aged classrooms. I find the expectations end up being more appropriate and there are more "experienced" peers to model different things (this is how we get our snack etc).
I baby-wore with ds on public transit all the time and do again now with the baby I nanny. I think on you is easier than in a stroller. Takes up less space. You know right where baby is all the time. No fear of rolling at a stop or anything. I have ridden buses, trolleys , trains, and subways all while baby wearing. It is certainly easier than lugging a stroller.
You can order 7th generation ones on amazon. Depending on the size of your kid you might be able to get ones for older kids (ds wears good nights or underjams to bed and they have kittens or sharks on them.)
I'm speaking from a history (personal and societal) of women being sexual assaulted by people they "love". Even in 2013 it is difficult to get a prosecution for "marital rape" and the implication that love or marriage is consent is problematic. Just because someone consented once doesn't mean they consent always. It is everyone's right to not be touched when they don't want to be touched. I believe it is important for children to hear and see that you can love someone and...
Even adults "who love each other" need to ask before touching each other.
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