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I like crayon resist water color paintings.  I will draw with a white crayon on the paper and ds will paint with water colors over it.  So for Valentines day we did hearts.  He has now cut them all out is gluing them on other cards and adding stickers, but they would have been fine the way they were.
Trikes are notoriously hard to pedal. I don't know how big your kid is, but mine out grew tricycles by 3 or so, none were really big enough for him.  The pedaling motion on a trike is much harder than a bike.  What about a different vehicle?  Like a scooter?  Scooters help kids with balance (which will help when he does want to learn to ride a bike), they are faster than walking, and easier to carry when the kid refuses to ride any longer.
I need a sweater pattern for ds. I have tons of yarn (mostly worsted and fingering some bulky). He's 5.5 but more like a 7/8 in size usually. He's into things that are "fancy". Suggestions? He's been asking me to knit him a sweater for months now. We still haven't finished our valentines that is my goal for this week. We *need* to have them in the mail by Thursday.
We say "your presences is present enough" We get some gifts, lots of homemade cards, and certainly not gifts from everyone. We also usually do a brunch party and ask people to bring food to share if they would like, so that gives them something to bring so they aren't showing up empty handed etc.
I finished ds's balaclava (5/52).   We are about 1/3-1/2 of the way done our valentines, but I'll take a point for them when we finish.     I am about to make another balaclava for the baby in the house.   Tomorrow is ds's 1/2 birthday, but I had calculated it wrong (thought it was in March instead of Feb) so I didn't make him anything for it. *shrug*
Ds had purple streaks at age 3. We did again at 4. He wanted rainbow streaks for his 5th birthday but when I suggested we do it at the neighborhood salon instead of at home he backed out. (Stranger anxiety I think). Anyway having dyed my hair a million colors a million times I am pretty sure there are no easily obtainable dyes that do "crazy" colors that are "permanent" most/all are semi-permanent (even the stuff used at the salon near our house would be considered...
Click-science mag. Ladybug- literature mag. Ranger Rick jr. -nature mag. They are ad free which means a lot to me. Ds has been enjoying them since 3 or so and still loves all of them at 5.
Ds does homemade. We are doing a homeschool Valentine swap through mothering and he gives them out at his coop. He is one of only a couple of kids that usually gives out. At some point we must have had a book or a magazine that talked about valentines day because he has wanted to do it for years and it is not something I think I would have suggested. Last year and this year we made/are making heart shaped crayons to give out. I gave out heart shaped crayons last year when...
We started working on valentines today. Ds is excited to know how many we are making. Looking forward to it!
I finished a knitted swearer vest for my friend's birthday this weekend. And ds and I have started working on valentines for a homeschool swap and for his coop school friends. I've cast on for a balaclava for ds. It is made with a cashmere/merino blend that my mom gave me partial skeins of. I mean what 5 year old doesn't need a cashmere hat! I made a "mitten bag" for his coop school. (A mitten shaped bag that the "school" mittens live in for when kids don't have mittens...
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