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Most k level math you can just get through life and play. Chutes and ladders, shut the box, UNO are all excellent math games and don't feel like school at all. Ds is always interested in what 100 looks like in different things (I think we've been looking at 100 since he was 2.5 or 3). So 100 beans in ajar compared to 100 bottle caps or 100 stickers. And simply by virtue of skip counting being easier he learned counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s that way. I was not "teaching"...
Ds eats it cold. In fact at ds school right now lunches have to be refrigerated so it is *very* cold.
We used to sometimes say goodbye to the things we were leaving. I don't remember starting this so I think ds picked it up from someone else. But he still (at 5 yo) will say "bye trolley" when we get off the trolley. Or "bye science museum". Snack is almost always helpful. Leaving in a fun way "race to the car" or "let's hop like bunnies to the stroller" stuff like that. Making leaving into a game. I love to go places where our leaving time will be closing time (this...
We don't really have "text" books. Although ds is 5 so I guess that *could* change. We get most of our books from thrift stores and the library. If there is a specific title we search amazon used first, sometimes eBay or half.com.
So we just pm names and addresses and then you'll compile a list for everyone?  Then we make/buy/write/whatever a valentine for each of those kids and mail them?  
I would be interested in this.  Ds and I have already started making the base of our Valentine cards.  He loves mail so I'm sure he would think this was great.  I haven't ever done one before so I would need some explicit instructions. 
I shared on Facebook.
I already "like" Oak Meadow and Mothering.   Why Homeschool?   Because right now it works for my family.     Because in my neighborhood right now there is a line to register for kindergarten that folks are planning on waiting in for 4 days (and we aren't even eligible to wait in that line because of our address even if we wanted to).     Because it gives us flexibility.   Because my kid is asynchronous in "academics" and we can meet him where he is,...
I'm going to take a point for making rainbow colored lavender scent sensory rice for the baby I nanny. She is currently having a blast with it! 2/52
I cast off my sweater vest for a friend but still have the neck and arm bindings to do. Ds has requested I knit him a sweater so I need to put that on my to do list. I think ds and the baby and I might start working on valentines today.
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