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I don't believe in marriage. I am not married to dp and most of my friends (with and without kids) are not married to their partners. We are also part of large queer community and so "marriage" isn't an option for a lot of people in our lives. The most important things we will be teaching ds about sex are consent and safety. Also that "sex" does not have to equal "intercourse" I think that is a huge flaw in a lot of reasoning. I think teaching my kid that there a lots...
Ds calls most adults by their first name if he knows their first name and can say and has any desire to say it (he's only 2). We see a nurse practioner for his wbv and we call her "kate" (not Nurse Flemming). Ds does call his bff's mom "mommy" because that's what the other kid calls her, he also calls her by her first name sometimes. And bff calls me "mamel" and dp "popel" because that's what ds calls us, although sometimes uses our first names. Ds sometimes calls me...
The older ones (the ones in the video) have 2 d rings. You used to run the hood straps through the d-rings and snap them to themselves. Newer ergos have one d-ring and the hood straps snap directly to the shoulder straps, which I find way easier to do than the old way.
Quote: Originally Posted by mojumi Also, just wondering, are there 5 year olds in his *class* or in his school? Unless the class is specifically designed/structured for mixed ages, mixing 5 year olds and 2.5 year olds in the same class sounds very difficult for the kids and teacher. I don't know about the op's school, but ds' school goes from 2-6 years old right now. They have part of the day when they are all together and part of the day...
Quote: Originally Posted by hipumpkins We ec'd my son and for a while he preferred to pee in the tub. He is 4 now and doesn't pee in it except right before a bath. My DH was concerned about it becoming a lifelong habit but it didn't. It cracks me up to be thinking about "omg one day this kid will be 45 years old and still ONLY pee in the shower!!!"
i would have no problem with peeing in the shower. I wouldn't even have a problem with a grown up choosing to pee in the shower everytime they peed. Just rinse it down, it all goes the same place. I pee in the shower when I shower.
I would not clear his plate. He should clear his plate when he is done eating, so he gets to make the decision about whether or not he's full or whether he needs more to eat. So if he is getting up say something "If you are done please put your plate in the sink/counter before you go"
ds could do it before he was a year old. i dunno how old though. The biggest issue (that we still have) is distiguishing between a "whistle" and a "kazoo" which require different skill sets.
Quote: Originally Posted by cschick *shrug* What I see here was that the mom probably gave her some decent information, which went into her five-year-old brain and came back out phrased in a slightly more five-year-old-ish way. I could see a five-year-old questioning to the extent of this knowledge: "Mommy, how are babies made?" "The daddy puts his penis into the mommy . . . " "Where?" "Her vagina . . . " "But penises are soft!" (A...
I usually say something like "well its my house too and I would like to have so and so here" Or "yes it your house, and my house, and dp's house, and g's house, and s's house, and m's house, and s's house and we all live here together and we have to share our house with other friends too sometimes."
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