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Yay! I'm glad the first visit went well. I will definitely have to remember that sunglasses trick.
I'm so happy to here that other moms are out there keeping the little ones active. It's great exercise for the whole family.   
My son is now 3 and I am officially done with cosleeping. It's been great but let's face it, he needs more room and I need nights of sleep where I'm not being kicked, scratched or climbed all over. Not good for a working mom.    Anyway, the battle to sleep in his own bed has been neverending. I tell him it's bedtime, he goes and climbs in my bed. He has TWO beds in the house and refuses to get into his own. His dad and I take turns lying in bed with him but it seems...
Last summer we signed our newly turned 3 year old up for soccer and it was a complete disaster. he was more interested in running all over the field than engaging in the sport. Luckily the coach was well aware of what 3 years old and worked with him. This year, we have signed up for tee ball.    Parents, please please be practice patience with kids at this age. I'm so happy to know that my child isnt the one who gets bored after 30 minutes of practice. LOL  On the...
My 3 year just went we used a Pediatric Dentist. The experience was awesome. The exam room was very kid friendly and surprisingly he did pretty well. I did have to hold him and they laid his head back in her lap. She was very gentle and explained everything. He did a great job.   Now, when it came time to do the x-ray, it was a completely different story....LOL
I just noticed overnight that one of my DS front teeth looks slightly grayish. I thought perhaps it something he had just finished eating but after brushing, it was still there! I try to floss his teeth at least once a week (its a huge fight) and definitely brush everyday with baby toothpaste. I just switched him to a step up in toothpaste so I'll see if things turnaround in a week.   He was drinking alot of juice so I often wonder if those midnight juice cups are a...
This is the EXACT same issue my DS is having (he's 3). He can go on his own at home but at school the teacher has to remind him to go. 
My little guy is 3.5 and we are still working on potty training. He knows how to go but at school he won't tell the teacher; she will have to tell him to just go. At home is a different story. And pooping - sheesh, forget about it. He still doesn't have that down. He will start preschool this fall and he HAS to be fully potty trained. I'm a little worried but I'm going to stick with it. 
It's time to start vacation planning for 2012. Last year we took the little guy to Disney World for 3 days of fun. I would love to go back next year but the prices are pretty steep now that we have to buy his ticket. I'm going to keep looking back for great deals for this trip but push come to shove, we will need to find another vacation spot. Any recommendations?
I should have mentioned that I very much into autonomy. I pretty much let him help me make decisions and allow him to be independent (he can open the fridge and get juice boxes when hungry, he can get his own snacks, goes potty by himself, etc). We're even at the point when I encourage him to make up his bed. I'm definitely all for it and have been encouraging it for a year nwo. so far so good but man these tantrums are something else.    Since my last post we have...
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