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Thanks for the advice. I will add a dental appointment to his physical.
At what age do you think your little ones for their first dental appointment? My son will be 3 in August and I need to schedule his annual physical and I assume his dental appt. Any advice?
My little guy loves ice too. He's not anemic, but he just loves to crunch on it and drink the water.
My son does only milk and water at daycare. At home I give him milk with dinner but he does get watered down juice during the evening. I learned that giving him water is all about packaging. He loves to drink out of the water bottles I have so I bought him his own little jug and fill it with water each day. He carries it around the house and sips on it throughout the day. I found this to be pretty helpful in getting water into him. I also give him kid-safe herbal tea...
Wow I never thought of having him sit backwards. What a great idea. I'm going to try that.
My son is almost 3 and I finally figured out the secret to keeping a house presentable at all times:   1. Keep baskets nearby to throw toys in. 2. Do deep cleaning and scrubbing when he's bed at night. 3. Once every month or every two months, take two days off to do house maintenance stuff (paint, landscape, etc). 4. Before bed, we play the clean up game. We sing songs as we put away our toys and clean our room before bed. 5. I vacuum daily too keep the clean...
My little guy is doing the typically potty thing: he's going potty at school but not at home. He still wears pull-ups/diapers at bedtime since he's only 2.5 anyway. I don't expect him to have nightime down for a while since he still wakes up for juice at night.    As soon as we get home each day, I put him on a pair of fresh undies (if he hasn't had accidents in the ones I sent to school) and I ask him every 10 minutes if he has to go potty. I try to time it so that...
My son is 2 and he is still on a napping schedule. He naps at daycare from Noon until 2 (according to his teacher, he's normally knocked out by 12:30). I try to keep him on the same schedule on the weekends. Sometimes he gets to riled up that he doesn't to go to sleep until almost 3pm , which means he's up at 5 and far from sleepy at his 8:30 bedtime.   I agree with the above poster that naps come in waves but kids definitely need that downtime, even if it's just to...
I'm pleased to say that after only a week of going cold turkey, my son no longer uses his pacifier. It's been since the 2nd week of January and he hasn't ask for it again. Wow!
I give my 2 year old son Flintstone vitamins and gummy vitamins as well. He loves them and I haven't had any issues with them. 
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