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check out inmotion entertainment. they rent dvd players at airports. each day's rental includes a free dvd. much easier than bringing your own player (if you have one) and it was a special treat for our dd who doesn't get to watch tv at home. also, we found that having dd in her carseat for the flight was really good. she's used to relaxing, falling sleep, et al. in there and didn't get really anxious to get out and run wild around the plane (which we couldn't do...
my dd's all broke through the gums at the same time. i wasn't even thinking about teething until one night when we were brushing her teeth and i noticed they had arrived! definitely explains her irritability (that and being almost 2.5!) and unwillingness to eat anything significant. now that they're all through her appetite is back, attitude is still "eh" good luck! this too shall pass!!
can i just say i'm exhausted?? ds is up 3 times a night to bf, never sleeping more than a 3 hr stretch. augh. anybody else bfing that much at night? he doesn't sleep more than an hr total during the day, and always has huge bags under his eyes. i feel so bad for the little guy, but not sure what to do. dd was an amazing eater and sleeper, so this is new territory for us. just started ds on solids and he is LUNGING at the spoon. the kid's nuts about rice cereal. i still...
i've made them out of old fleece blankets for my 2yr old dd with velcro at one shoulder so she can put them on and take them off all by herself. can't sleep without them!
I've got a PDF of one I found on the internet. PM me if you'd like it.
love the article -- that's definitely us. thanks so much! and after reading ya'll posting about babies teething, i think that's got to be him. not sure why it didn't click with me before (actually, i guess i do, dd didn't get her first tooth till 8mos. and i wasn't even in this frame of mind yet). i'm sure that, plus being hungry at night, has got to be what it is. we had an awesome stretch of 8 hours last night tho, and i felt like a new person today. once in a blue moon...
i've been lurking for a while, but am losing too much sleep to not post now! ds was sleeping so well ... and now wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat. i think his sleep is disturbed by us (dh snores LOUD - augh!) and would love to move him in with big sis. she's an extremely light sleeper though (will wake up in the middle of the night, sit up and talk, and never go back to sleep). any suggestions? i
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