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I found the worst part of the pit, for me, was just how jagged and never-ending it made the contractions. Of course they want you numb. Otherwise you can feel just how WRONG the drug they are pumping into your body is. pitocin contractions are not a fate I would wish on anyone. Ever.
Any Dr that doesn't flat tell you epidurals and the subsequent pitocin are not good for you or your baby and a leading cause of the us' out-of-control section rate is not one I would go to. I like honesty in my medicine.
That's actally a good thing you've put on some weight. Most of the people I know that were "ten pounds overweight" to begin with had much, much easier pregnancies than those who were slender. Also make sure you are getting enough fat and protien. Your baby's brain needs cholesterol too. An egg or two a day would not be a bad idea.
you'll have to pry my waterbed out from under my cold, dead body. When I'm huge and pregnant, I sleep in the crack beaten the wood side and the mattress, and my belly is supported.
I get that a lot when I'm pregnant. I soak in the tub, and try and keep my big joints warm, and go for a walk if my hips aren't too bad.
Husband coached childbirth by Bradley is good too.
I find I pee more when I'm dehydrated. One of those giant restaurant red plastic glasses of water before bed and about half to three quarters of one the lone time i wake up to go in the middle of the night and I'm good. The reason sugar and protien make you go all the time is your body cannot process them without massive amounts of water, and you are probably overloading yourself, so your body gets rid of it as quickly as possible. More water will help with that too.
I can tell you this: when people you don't like walk in the room while you are labor ing, your heart rate shoots up and contractions weaken and spread out. The primal part of you should be comfortable with everybody at the birth.
Be very, very gentle with pregnant skin. If you need to exfoliate, I would put on a thin later of cold cream, then gently wrote off with a barely damp warm washcloth. Or look into the oil cleansing method.
2nd trimester, 4th baby. I've never noticed any ill effects from orgasms.
New Posts  All Forums: