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We just moved from Carrboro at the end of Nov.  I was glad to get out before the really cold weather and snow hit later that week.  
So glad for you! 
With the first two, we thought girls.  I had great skin, thick hair...  For DD2, we only 1/2way had a boy name picked out.  DD1 had a neutral name but we would have had to change the middle name.  We did have a u/s with both of them.  With DS, we didn't have a u/s, but I knew from the beginning that he was different.  I gained weight mainly in my belly and with the girls, I gained more all over.  Not that 50+ with each isn't all over anyway... Plus, my hair kept falling...
I have started knitting a baby blanket out of soft sea green yarn that I had a bunch of.  We haven't bought anything yet, but I have lurked on CD sites and looking at wraps.  I tend to give wraps away before the need really goes away (who knows why), so I do need another one.
Rainbow Light's one a day prenatal is easy for me to keep down and doesn't make me feel nauseous.  It is my fave for when I am pg because I can't handle multivitamins in general on my stomach, even when not pg.  
I am 6w 2d and I sometimes feel nauseous.  Last week, while driving 16 hours in a small car with 2 kids and my DH driving a 24ft truck behind us through crazy ATL traffic, etc, I felt funny but other than that, I have been fine.  I could feel my abdomen muscles tensing and so had to shift around a bunch.  Also with moving, I couldn't lift much after being in the car that long the day before.  It just worried me, but all is fine.   I just talked with a MW this...
I am so sorry.  Sending hugs your way.
That's how we felt with #2.  She was Zoe before she was even conceived.  Zoe fits her and I am sooooo glad she was a girl.  We picked out Elijah ____ (I can't remember the middle) just in case but my older brother wanted his son to be named Eli and they were due 2 months later.  It all worked out perfectly because I wasn't so happy with that name.   (I have a feeling this one is a boy.  My body is acting weird as heck, like it did with #3.)  
Okay, so I wrote this huge response and then did something crazy and lost it.  I guess it was TMI & the universe was telling me so.   Y'all just hang in there.  I know it's hard.  My father has severe depression that runs in his family.  His father was bipolar and I think that dad is along those lines.  He's been on every type of med for 40 years.  I feel for him because, although I know what short-term depression is, I do not know what that is like, except for the...
Congrats and welcome! 
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