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Is there anything like a natural hand sanitizer that really works, like purell. I give this to ds to use at school and wanted to know about switching to all natural because he uses it especially at lunch time. They do not get to to the bathroom before they eat lunch, pretty silly rule. All ideas or recipes of one welcome Thanks Fay
In the bathroom on a hanger, works great and isn't an eyesore or in anyone's way. Fay
I have used Gerber training pants in the past with my ds and they worked really great and now with dd I am again using Gerber training pants and getting positive results. Maybe you can try them. If you would like some to try contact me as I have several new pairs that I can part with. Thanks and Good Luck Fay
Only Fuzzi Bunz here, with excellent results. Can't say anything else because that's the only one we ever tried. Good Luck Fay
Hi everyone, I actually went to the doctor yesterday. It was confirmed as Strep that I have. They gave me some antibiotics to try (I have already started because I can't stand the pain) This pain when I am swallowing is so bad, oh my god. Then I do not want my kids to get this both are on Jarrow so maybe they won't get it. DD face has all reddened this morning probably gonna break out, she has eczema that's the reason I started the probiotics in the first place and...
I have been taking Probiotics for the past three weeks. However since Monday I started have difficulty swallowing. At first I thought I was coming down with the cold but yesterday and today it has gotton terribly worst and sooo painful that I can't swallow or eat anything. The worst part is that I need to eat because I am a breastfeeding mom. I really do not want to go to the doctor because I know they would give me antibiotics. Can someone please help me here...
I absolutely Unbleached Prefolds. They dry so quickly and washes so easily, and so cheap when compared to other dipes. Fay
My postlady still drops my mail to my SIL house although on the mail is clearly written my name and addy. She even told my SIL that I am never home that's the reason she delivers my mail/packages to her. Fay
We use here Fuzzi Bunz with two Joey Bunz inserts and this works great for us here. DD is 10 mths old. Fay
I hand wash so I use All free and clear for prefolds and for the happy heinys and fb's I use Tide. Fay
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