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I want my mom to be my doula, but I want her to be prepared. It's been 31 years since she's given birth! Luckily, she did have 2 totally natural childbirths, and is a strong believer in letting the mother's body do what it was made to do. Does anyone know of a good book (or chapter of a book) that can help a laywoman learn techniques to help a woman through labor? Thanks! Bethany
Minxie, thanks for all your words. I definitely needed someone to talk some sense into me. Offer once. When she refuses, CHEERFULLY tuck her into bed and continue with the bedtime routine. Obviously, don't let her scream bloody murder but try to distract her; maybe add in a story at that point or a quick snuggle. But this is after we have already completed the reading (Daddy's job) and it's getting very late. I do offer to just snuggle instead, but she just yells...
She'll be 3 in 3 months. Here's what she does. She says she wants to nurse before going to sleep, and when I offer the breast, she says she doesn't want to. When I put the breast away, she screams that she DOES want to nurse. I offer, she refuses, I put away, she demands. Repeat scene until I get angry and walk away and she screams bloody murder for several minutes until I come back and we start it all over again. Or here's another example. It's naptime and she...
I'm 20 weeks along and I just found out I have a vulvar varicosity. It's been swollen for a couple weeks but it's just starting to really hurt. I am planning to get a V2 supporter. The bummer is that this vein is right next to a very important part of my body. Mamas who've had this, can you still have sex / foreplay? Please tell me we don't have to abstain for the next 20 weeks!
I've had that buzzy feeling too! Weird!
I am so psyched about knitting stuff for my next little one. This is the ONLY reason I want to find out the sex of the baby. I want to make some soakers, soaker sacks, longies, booties, hats, blankets, sweaters. But considering that I only get about 10 minutes of knitting time per day, I'll be lucky if I get a couple soakers done before he/she arrives.
Wow, thanks. Glad to know that someone else's kid did this, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
Here's a common conversation between my 29 m.o. and me. ME: I'm making toast for us. DD: IT'S NOT TOAST! (I ignore her, as she says this in response to almost everything I say.) DD: IT'S NOT TOOOOOOOOOOOOAST! (begins to cry) Toast is simply an example. It can be any noun in the English language that I use. She insists that I'm saying the wrong word. If I say "It's not toast? What is it?" she still begins to cry, saying "It's just nuffing!" It's a fakey cry,...
I'm totally exhausted too. And I missed my nap today.
EDD: August 2 Name: Bethany Age: will be 31 in 2 weeks Location: Southeastern PA Family (partner, other children, etc): DH and 29mo DD Gender preferences/inklings: If we have a boy, we will probably stop there. If we have a girl, we might try once more. I'm not sure how I feel about stopping OR having a third. Everyone seems to think this is a girl, including DD. I kind of think it's a boy. Names you like: James for a boy, and it looks like Phoebe might be our...
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