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My midwife believes my due date is august 2. so i'm off to sign up for the august ddc. have fun, july mamas!
How much does your LO fuss at night when they've got a runny nose? DH and I disagree on what's normal. DD (28 months) whines and cries a lot when a runny nose and postnasal drip keep her awake. It's so frustrating for her, and she can't figure out how to blow her nose, or how to just try and breathe through her mouth. DH thinks we are doing something wrong because DD "thinks it's okay to whine and cry for hours at night." My guess is that CIO kids have to learn...
I wait tables, and I've told pretty much everyone at work, even though it's really early. There's a lot of heavy lifting involved in the job (carrying tables, racks of classes, heavy pans of dishes) that I shouldn't really be doing, and I've just been so tired that I'm moving slow. So I figure I'd rather tell my coworkers (and have their support and love if it doesn't work out), than have them wondering why I'm such a slacker.
Quote: Originally Posted by MyLittleYoni Bethany for a girl Hey, that's my name! I have always been thankful to my parents for giving me such a pretty and (sort of) uncommon name. I still get compliments on my name all the time when I introduce myself.
EDD: Late July / Early August Name: Bethany Age: almost 31 Location: Eastern PA Family (partner, other children, etc): DH Zach (30 yrs old), Katy (born July 2007, currently 28 months old) Gender preferences/inklings: If we have a boy, we will probably stop at 2. If we have another girl, we might have a third baby. I would be happy either way. Names you like: James, Nathan, Eleanor Birth Plans/Preferences: I want a VBAC! I'd prefer to have a home birth, but DH is not...
Thanks for the ideas! Quote: Originally Posted by pixiepunk did you tell her ahead of time "we're not going to offer you the potty today, when you need to pee pee, you need to tell us so we can help you get to the bathroom?" or something like that. if she's used to you always offering, she wouldn't necessarily be aware that the 'rules' were changing. communicating your expectations is important. Yes, she is very verbal, so we've had lots of...
Cool, we will check these out! Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan ]it's really common for potty learning to include asking the child at regular intervals to assess if they need to go. Maybe do that as a midpoint between telling her it's time and having her be totally in charge? Actually, we have been doing that. Her answer is always "no", so far. We're going to keep trying for a little while. Also, a friend suggested keeping her nakey-bum at home, so it's easy for...
We love our Dan Zanes albums and the Barenaked Ladies kids' album and They Might Be Giants kids' album. Anyone know of other kids' music that is musically interesting and also humorous for the adults who are also listening?
I don't love the idea of leaving DD in a wet diaper through the night, so we always use wool covers at night because it's breathable. So far, she has never gotten a rash from a wet night dipe.
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