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ok, i think i figured it out after looking at some of the pics and videos. she's more comfy with her legs crossed in front of her, instead of underneath.
Your questions are just like the ones I had, so don't worry! I certainly don't have all the answers because I've only been CDing for like 3 or 4 weeks, but I love it. I don't find it to be too much work. I do a load of diapers every other day and hang the stained ones up in the sun on the off day (if it's sunny!). My baby is still EBF, so her poops are still that benign mustard-seedy stuff. I just put the poopy dipes in the dry pail w/ everything else (including...
dr. sears suggests wearing the baby all day long. my dd is only 3 months old, she's not sitting up yet, so when i wear her, her feet are tucked under her in the pouch sling. i worry about her circulation in that position. after about 20 or 30 minutes, she gets uncomfortable - i think her feet are falling asleep. how long did you wear your baby at one time, when (s)he was too young to have her feet hanging out?
how do i wear my dd (now 3 months old) when we're both wearing coats? do i put the sling on under my coat or overtop? : i have a pouch sling, but am getting a ring sling for christmas, if that makes any difference.
Unfortunately, we were at our in-law's house when this came on the news. My in-laws were tactful enough not to say anything, and I was hoping it would just blow over, but then my dh says to me "What do you think about that?" I told him we should talk about it later. My in-laws don't need to be involved in our decisions! We talked about it when we got home, and thankfully we were able to agree to continue co-sleeping as we do now (from bf'ing at about 2 a.m. until...
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