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Heh, Nessa does this too. It didn't occur to me that it would be responsible for the bald spot on the back of her head. Guess I'm just dense
Nessa is a looker, she loves to observe everything! If she's awake she's either on my lap facing away so she can look around, or in her bouncy chair. She loves watching the tv, so I've been playing the Baby Einstein Mozart for her.
Nessa was 7# 1oz at birth, she's now 10# 6oz at 7 weeks. She's outgrown most of her newborn stuff, but the 0-3 stuff is still a bit big.
Quote: Originally Posted by thorn yes but think about how many due date clubs there have been in the history of the mothering.com forums. that would be a LOT of boards! That's true, but not all months end up continuing. Many fizzle out and don't get used. With a little maintenance the boards could be maintained. It's done on many other boards, so I was just surprised it's not done here.
We started using the Infant GasX liquid for her a couple times a day and it's helped immensely. Once we got the gas under control, she now only needs a dose every now and then. I know some people have had success with Gripe Water as well, there's a couple different kinds, we like the Tummy Soother version with the Disney characters on it. Hope he (and you), get some relief soon!
Hmm, that's disappointing. Chatting in a single thread isn't nearly as nice as having a board, that's a bummer
I'm unfamiliar with how MDC handles things. Will they be making a board for us to move to, or are we on our own if we'd like to continue chatting?
Nessa will startle herself awake with her arms. Sometimes I think her little arms are creatures of all their own... We put her in her little baby straight jacket (halo sleep sack) and she sleeps much more soundly.
It seems our little one hates her bassinet, so I'm looking into alternatives. If you've used these products, what did you think? TIA!
I'm pretty much back to normal at 7 wks. Every once in a while I'll get a blop of blood after nursing, but there's no pain anymore. I noticed last night that the whole bottom side of my belly has no sensation anymore. Its kinda creepy...
New Posts  All Forums: