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Wow, now that's something you don't see everyday. Kudos and congrats to you and your Dr, how impressive!
I've been reading the other VBAC threads, and it seems a lot of women have had to fight for their VBACs due to their regular Dr being unavailable. I'm also planning a VBAC at a hospital where most of the Drs are not VBAC friendly, just mine and one other. So I was wondering, if the Dr comes in demanding a repeat c/s just because, what would be the next step to fight it? Obviously I'd refuse, but who should we talk to if the Dr won't budge? What did you do that got you...
I hear ya, our 3 yr old has been coming into our room between 1-3am wanting to sleep with us a lot this week. Last night was the first night in days that he didn't come in and we got a full night sleep. Dh can easily sleep through a crying kiddo, but for some reason my voice usually wakes him up. Since I'm at home and he's working, I try to handle most the late night stuff since I can take a nap during the day. But once I'm back at work, all bets are off! I'd say...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mamatoabunch I will never see it that way. I always feel we have a choice. Well, yes and no. I'm limited by my insurance as to what doctors/midwives I can see. If I was rich, I'd be back at my last hospital & team in a heartbeat, but since I'm not, I'm forced to deal with a hospital system that's slightly VBAC friendly (my Dr and one other are the only ones that will attempt a VBAC, and I can't say the care has been...
I'd definitely ask for specifics regarding why they think a vbac isn't possible. If no reasonable medical reason is given, then there's no reason not to try. Like a PP said, if you find things are not going as planned once labor starts, you can always have a c/s then.
I had the same problem a couple weeks ago. Alternating heat & ice every 20 minutes took care of most for it. Resting took care of the rest. Hope you feel better soon!
I woulda told them to get out of my way or I'll flatten them
You can be like me, put everything off till the last minute which makes time FLY by
As a fluffy person to begin with, I don't feel more fat than I usually do. When I'm not pg, I'm overweight. At least when I'm pg I have an excuse...
Sounds like 90% of estimates are inaccurate, at least according to his board. With ds, I was told he was around 8-8 1/2 lbs, and he came out 9 lbs 13 oz. I ended up with an emergency c/s, but not because of his weight. It was because he was facing my hip and his big head just wasn't going through my pelvis the long way.
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