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I'm 5'10" & 250. I didn't start to look obviously pregnant until about 25 wks with my 1st. I'm 16 wks now and I think I'm showing pretty well, but I can still see people looking at my belly with that "Is she pregnant or just getting fatter?" look on their faces. I think if I wore tighter clothes it would be more obvious, but it's too cold for that now.
I'm a little confused. If he came into work but they didn't have any work, wouldn't he still get paid? It sounds to me like he's depressed about the situation and just needed some time alone. It would be nice if he told you this, but from my experience, men tend to be aloof like that.
My kitty Tundra, who usually only lies on my legs, will insist on lying on my belly when I'm pg. My other kitties could really care less.
I pretty much only feel movement right above my pubic bone in the middle, right where we found Happy on the u/s. I figure s/he's pretty small right now, so it's not like s/he has the energy to push around to other places, kwim? Does a lot of somersaults in one place tho!
I've been having dizzy spells too. My OB said the most common causes of dizziness during pg is low blood pressure and low blood sugars. He said to try eating something small (like fruit or some juice) and see if it helps. If it hasn't, then to sit or lie down until it passes. He said if it lasted more than a day to give him a call. I find mine tend to go away with rest, but sometimes take till the next day before I really start to feel normal again. Last week I got...
Your description of yourself met me to a T before I had my son 3 years ago. I've never been a "baby person", could never really relate to kids, etc. I knew I wanted a family, but had no idea how I would fit into that role. I'm a tomboy computer geek, doing the whole "Mommy thing" just didn't make sense to me. However, that really all changed once I had my son and he was in my life as a baby, not a wiggly lump in my belly. I can't say I had the euphoric "Oh, NOW I get...
Yeah, the cheapies are known for having faint lines. Try FRER or a digital Congrats BTW, regardless of the darkness, those are definitely BFPs!
Aw man, it's so not fair... I'm so sorry...
We'll be using our bassinet again. I don't sleep well when I'm crowded and Dh tends to sleep everywhere, so I feel better with the little one safely in their own space next to my bed. I also cannot nurse comfortably lying down so it's no big deal for me to get up for night nursing.
Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach hot dogs are in the same category as deli meat, just heat it up to steaming first. I don't know anybody that would eat a cold hot dog Heh, I used to eat the Oscar Mayer hot dogs cold when I was a kid
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