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Again, I'm still the oddball. I'm in a wonderful mood! Much better than I usually am when I'm not pg. Dh has been so happy to be dealing with a calm, rational preggie wife. He was afraid he'd have a monster to deal with for 9 months. I mentioned it to my OB yesterday, cuz it does seem pretty odd to feel so emotionally good when most feel worse, and he said "Sometimes some women are just lucky to go the other way." So I guess in that respect I get to be one of the...
Hi! Appleton here!
Not in your DDC, but wanted to let you know my heart goes out to you. I have a similar problem with my Dh. Before we agreed to have children, I told him if we did that I only wanted to work part time after the baby arrived. After much discussion he agreed. Then about 5 months into the pg, not only did he tell me I have to work full time, but also that he never agreed to my working part-time. I was livid! So here am I working fulltime and miserable (and pg with #2). ...
Mine is a shortened verson of one of my favorite songs. "Ghost of a Rose", by Blackmores Night
I take the Walgreen's brand prenatals. I asked my OB about it and he said they were fine. They don't upset my tummy at all. I've had other prenatals make me sick for days (before I was pg too).
I was using a fertility monitor the month I got pg, and never even got a high. But obviously I O'd since we caught the egg. So yeah, totally possible.
Quote: Originally Posted by AnItalianMomma09 I know that feeling! Do you feel like you can't eat as much as usual? Yes! I can feel the pressure on the bottom side of my stomach pushing food up (which really sucks for a person like me with a hiatal hernia). It's also getting tougher to get deep breaths. I'm a pretty tall person (5'10"), so I guess this kiddo is taking the path of least resistance until he/she can't anymore!
Oh no, I'm so sorry... My thoughts are with you. *hugs*
This pg has been weird. I'm not so much pooching out as pooching up and down. I think my bladder has been squished to the size of a pea, and I can feel that organs have moved their way up over my belly button already, making my fat roll above my belly button look as big as the spare tire below (usually it's flatter). So my pants are still fitting fine, but I feel like my entire abdomen is filled to the brim.
This happens to me sometimes, although it happens more for me when things are the other way (hershey squirts), and my bum is irritated from the constant pooing & wiping. It is possible to have roids that are inside that you can't see. Might be a good idea to chat with your Dr. or a nurse about it.
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