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Quote: Originally Posted by EdnaMarie OMG, love grandma in her Crocs! ROFL! His parents look so sweet. They are. Thanks.
I really need to get some decent pictures online! This is the kidlet with his grandparents this past Halloween. I'm mostly German by ancestry; my husband was born and raised in Tamil Nadu, India. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v6...s/P1030629.jpg
I'm looking for something to use on my son's hair to keep down the frizzies/flyaway during the dry winter. His hair is somewhat curly, and very fine. We've used coconut oil on it in the past, but his hair really isn't right for it. It almost always comes out heavy and greasy looking. So do any of you know of something that might work better? Thanks in advance.
I notice interracial couples all the time where I live (suburbs of New York). It's not super common, but not super rare, either. More than half of the kids my son plays with are are of multiracial backgrounds actually, though none happen to be black/white. There's a family on the next street over that we met on Halloween with a daughter his age, though -- which reminds me I *still* haven't gotten it together to go say "hi" again .... Grrr. I'm so disorganized. ...
I should add that the most recent research on the intermittent viral-induced type of asthma my son has does suggest that daily treatment with an inhaled corticosteroid does NOT help in preventing episodes of asthma, or in making it more likely for the kids to do any better in the long run -- contrary to the conventional wisdom. That's why the asthma specialist we saw recommended to use the Flovent only at the first sign of a cold. I had a really good link on this, but...
I guess there's a lot of difference of opinion on this? My son (20 months) has asthma, so far, only induced by respiratory viruses. He's had two episodes so far. After the second one, his pediatrician wanted him on daily Flovent, but an asthma specialist we saw disagreed and said he should only take it at the onset of of a cold or coughing. It's all so confusing, and I find the disagreements very upsetting when we're talking about things like my son's quality of life.
1-2 months, I guess, though for most of that time he wasn't doing anything at all. He took two steps once a week or so after his first birthday, then nothing after that for over a month. Once he did start taking steps again, though, he was walking pretty well within a couple of weeks.
For us it was a long long time! But your daughter is so much older, I'd expect it to be different. Kidlet started cruising fairly early, by nine or so months. He didn't take more than a couple of independent steps until he was almost 14 months old.
Quote: my best friend's husband works for a company that makes formula (among many other things). she has been one of my best ap/breastfeeding resources. So does my own husband. Not going to be seeking a divorce anytime soon.
I put "never have, never will", though I don't have anything against cow's milk. My son is dairy allergic, and may or may not ever grow out of it. He doesn't drink any milk substitutes, either, just flat-out refuses. So all he gets is from nursing. (He's 19 months old.)
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