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Oh, how I wish I had a garage to cook broth in :( I'd use the crock pot in the front porch area where I have an outlet but my upstairs neighbors have a German shepherd who would be far too interested for that to be safe.   Sandra
Cruciferous veggies are always a good plan, but the beans, corn and peas are all off limits :( Wish I could afford asparagus, but it's really expensive in the winter here in NY. Celery and spinach are great too, thanks!
I don't mind making them but how do you make a reasonable number in the oven without it taking all day? I have four kids -- they could eat the whole batch before they have time to cool!
Can I make egg drop soup with beef broth and... I'm not sure what. Can t be made without a starch?
I'm about to start a semi paleo diet with a bunch of stuff removed to reduce inflammation. Here's the list:     One pound oily fish per week, split however Two eggs per day One to two servings ruminant critter per day Bone broth (2+ c a day)   Unlimited nonstarchy veggies (including bkfst!) 100 carb grams starchy veggies per day (white rice, bananas, plantains, peeled tubers) Some berries Fermented or cultured...
TJ organic is grassfed? I never even read the boxes on the others! I've always heard "go to TJ and get Kerrygold". I wonder why...   Sandra
> shots   Yeah, that's basically the plan. Big mugs, though.   Sandra        
I don't like bone broth and I HATE the way it makes the house smell but if I'm going to choke down two cups a day, I think the perpetual broth is the only way it's going to happen. I picked up a 1.5 qt crock pot to make it in and will take out a cup at a time, replacing it with a cup of water when I do. Twice a day should get it strong enough before the next serving. Fortunately (or something) nobody else in the house wants any, so I don't need to make quarts and quarts...
OH, and if I've got broth cooking for days on end, cooking orange peels or lighting a candle isn't practical. Already lost one house to a fire this year.
LOL! > find more uses for it in things and not straight- soups, stews, cook rice in it, baste with it, marinades, make dog bones See, this is the sort of answer I usually get but don't comprehend. If I don't like the taste of it, why would I want to cook with it? If I need to eat two cups a day, then using it to cook rice (and ruining perfectly cook rice) means I need to eat MORE than two cups of rice (or stew, or soup, or whatever). Wouldn't it make more sense to eat it...
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