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I've always has a more than abundant supply and have never been able to pump. I had the Avent Isis and a single Medela but couldn't ever let down for either one. I tried all the tricks and nothing worked. I also never ever leak and don't ever feel it when I let down so maybe it's all related?
5-6 weeks pp, with all 3 kids, nursing exclusively and often. Yay :
Find a new ped that is supportive of bf. Mine wants to see bf babies regain to birthweight at 2 weeks and your son meets that criteria. Make sure he's feeding long enough on each side to get enough hindmilk and maybe nurse him at night since babies usually drink less from a bottle than they would from the breast. But really, I'd look for a new ped.
My 3 month old has been doing the same thing, and I fully understand your annoyance. My problem is I'm about to start my period and my supply is really low. I think 4 months is a normal growth spurt time and his teeth are probably starting to bother him so hopefully it will be short lived.
I'm a 34H while nursing and the Bravado Supreme is the BEST nursing bra I've found (after 3 kids and many bras). It truly holds you up as well as an underwire bra would.
I tried everything with my first two and had a large milk supply but was in the same boat. I also never leaked and don't feel let-down, and I think it's related. I never gave bottles and totally understand your need to be free for a few hours. I don't have any advice for you, other than try an outing during the day when baby doesn't cluster feed. And if you need a bottle, a few times drinking formula is more than ok.
I LOVE my breast friend! Seriously love it. I've had 3 (one fell apart after heavy, heavy use and I gave the second one to a friend) and have no complaints. My first was velcro closed and the second was buckled (or some sort of buckle/snapping contraption. My brain is not working after no sleep). This time I got the "deluxe" for the fabric which both velcros and buckles. I liked the regular buckle-only best because it was easier for me to adjust. I have a Boppy that lives...
Not feeling full alone isn't a bad sign. At around 6 months you'll begin to notice that your breasts don't fill up as much between feedings but that is totally normal and doesn't mean your supply is going down. I bet with a few days of extra nursing your supply will go right back up. Hope everyone feels better!
Whoa...I have no idea how I managed to reply page 815 of this forum! Leave it to me.....
My first nursed at least every two hours at night for over a year and drank some apple juice. I brushed his teeth every night with flouride free toothpaste and he had major cavities when he went to the dentist at 3. He weaned at 16 months and had the cavities in first molars. My second nursed to sleep and about 1-2 times per night until she self weaned at a year old. She didn't have juice and we brushed her teeth every night and she didn't have any cavities at her 2...
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