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That's pretty much what happens here but he's usually pretty hungry when he wakes again in the morning and drains the (very!) full breast well at that time.
Those first few days (or weeks) you'll be engorged and have a lot of milk as your supply is still regulating. I was very, very full for a little more than a week and it was less than two months before my breasts stopped feeling full before a feeding (I thought it was more like 6 months with the others).
My first was a 45 min nurser but my second and now my third were quick little feeders. My 2 month old gulps it down and doesn't nurse for more than 10 min on a side unless he's comfort nursing or going to sleep. He usually only nurses off one side per feed and eats about every 2 hours.
My 2 month old also latches weirdly on one side. He doesn't so it all the time but it's fairly common to have to take him off multiples times per feeding and re-latch, but only on the right side. I seem to have more milk on that side for some reason and I'm not sure if that's why he's doing it. Like Pandme, it doesn't hurt and he is gaining weight (almost doubled birth weight at 2 months!) and he isn't gulping air so it's not that big of a deal for us. Good luck!
I want to buy a Mei Tei but I'm totally confused about the different kinds. Are they all the same, but just made by different companies? Or are the actually different styles? Would someone explain the different types (for example Babyhawk, Ellaroo, etc) and point me to a few good websites to purchase one? I have a Moby Wrap and totally love it. I'm wondering, will a MT be that much different or would I be spending a lot of money to have something that is very similar...
I LOVE the Moby Wrap. I have a sling, pouch, Bjorn (borrowed), and the MW and the wrap is the only thing my son will tolerate. And he doesn't just tolerate it, he seems to like it as much as I do. He doesn't like to be swaddled in a blanket but doesn't mind the MW. I wear him facing in but with his legs out and if he's awake he just kind of leans back and looks around but it's almost impossible for him to stay awake once I pop him in.
We also have a 2006 Sienna and two Rounabouts and a Marathon (all Britax) fit fine in the middle row. The back only holds 2 car seats though (but has 3 seats). Right now we have a Marathon, RA, and Safe Seat across the middle row. Is yours a full row or is it shorter to allow access to the back? Could you put some in the middle and some in the back?
And.. it's down again
It's just gotten this way again in the last 2 weeks or so, with the site totally crashing. It's because the diapers kick a**!
I was wondering about her too. I hope she gets to bring her sweet baby girl home soon. I miss her posts.
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