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It was working surprisingly well for me. I had some in my cart but I absolutely cannot spend a penny on diapers this week so I had to step away. Boy is that hard :LOL
My 2.5 yr old DS never wears pants at home or outside unless it is cold. I always put pants on him if we go out in public though. I see no reason to make him wear pants if he is diapered and in the front yard, but after reading these threads wonder what my neighbors think of me! He would freak out if I tried to make him wear pants at home and he won't put them on until we get to our destination. The first thing he does when we get to a family members home is take his pants...
They were gone pretty quickly today. I bought a tie-dye and tried to get one of the daliahs but my husband was doing it and screwed it up
There are still a few in stock, for those who were wondering
I got the cats but I also really wanted one of the girly size 1s so if anyone has buyers remorse LMK! It died on me after I had the diaper in my cart but I wans't about to close the window and thank god it came back up within 5 minutes.
DD just had a mild one while taking abx for an ear infection. I used the leftover Nysatin I had from thrush and it cleared it right up. Hope it gets better soon.
I refuse to buy things like that. I think it's pretty crappy when WAHMs keep their prices affordable even when they can make more moeny doing auctions only and people take advantage of that by buying then immediately reselling for a big profit. Kinda like the people who advertise a used dipe in EC and when it arrives it's something you would never dare put on your child - I'll never understand people that don't feel ashamed of themselves for lying. :
I thought it was actually a slow stalking today :LOL I changed my cart around a dozen times before buying two because she kept stocking dipes I lilked better than what I had just added to my cart. :LOL I bought #7 and #1, I think.
Haven't tried Pinheads but IMO the Mutts are nothing like SOS. I didn't like Muttaquins at all but love love LOVE SOS. They make up 99.9% of my stash, I keep buying others and then selling them because I don't like them as much as my SOS. The only other fitteds I've loved are Little Caboose.
DS is a tie dye freak so I had to buy 2.
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