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I'd split them into groups of two or three on Ebay. I don't usually bid on things with reserve, and if they are new you'll probably get a pretty good price for them. The better your pictures and description are the more they'll go for. Good luck!
Yep, I run 70 minutes and then another 60. I also hate snap in saokers, they always get bunched up and I pretty much only use SOS.
I took a few nb fitteds, a bunch of preemie prefolds, a few covers and a Bummies wet bag. I didn't use the covers much and had more than enough diapers. For the first few days they usually aren't peeing much so you'd probably be fine with a dozen prefolds and a few fitteds, but I always overpack. I just threw them in the wash right when we got home and the meconium washed right off, easy as pie. Diapering a newborn is so easy. And fun!
Hmmph! That's what I get for playing with my children! :LOL If anyone has buyers remorse over either size I'd be happy to take it off your hands.
I see you got your DDDCs
I would have to fast if I bid on them, I wouldn't have money to eat for a month! Very cute!
My poor little guy has been sick for 5 days now, only vomitting 3 times with mild diarrhea. What's got me really worried is the fact that he hasn't even eaten a full piece of bread/day since this started and I know that starving all day is making him feel much worse. I've tried EVERYTHING, brat diet, healthy food, total junk... he won't take a single bite. Every 10 min or so his stomach starts turning and he start screaming in pain and it's really stressing me out....
I wouldn't let her drive my child. I also wonder how great of a sitter she is when she doesn't even care aboout the safety of your child in a life or death situation. Could you just trade cars with her on the days you work so she doesn't have to install it?
I used sposies before I switched to cloth and every once in a while I still do and I have NEVER made my child sit in a wet or especially a poopy diaper. I would very quickly go broke if I used sposies because I obsessively check (squeeze) the diapers and change them as soon as they are wet, which with my super soaker is sometimes 5 times an hour. When we go out I change very often too. Today I met my sisters at a toddler music class and changed DS before we went in, after...
Works fine for me. Could it be that you need an updated version of Quicktime or something?
New Posts  All Forums: