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Freaked me out just reading about it!! You definitely deserve a new SOS after that!
OMG please tell me it's not a Ziploc???
CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is such a cutie, as are your girls. I do want another one.. and mine isn't even 3 months old yet!
I bought mine the day Marnie posted and it came last week.
The are the ONLY diapers that DS doesn't pee right out of, and I've tried them all. I was so happy this morning when I tried them on DD (3 months) and they fit her really well too so I had to buy a few more but I'm trying to be good.
CONGRATULATIONS TERRI!!! Love the name and can't wait to see your precious babe.
Why do I feel invisible :LOL
A bunch of dipes up for grabs
I'm going to go against your wishes and forgo the butt kicking I think you should sell enough to buy what you want and save what you really love. I always go back and forth in what I want to use and I regret selling stuff, especially if it's something hard to obtain.
:LOL Cute Josh!! My DS loves his pink - "peent" - SOS :LOL
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