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My heart breaks for Tabitha, she is such an awesome mama and has had such a rough time the last few months. And poor Beautiful Kassi, I hope they both improve and can go to their own home very, very, soon. And since we're talking diapers here.... I have to say again how much I LOVE my Toot Sweet wool flannel cover! It has never come close to leaking even after long nights on my super heavy wetter.
I have a Kennmore Heavy Duty/Super Capacity that works great and I don't think it was over $400. It has auto dry, low heat, air fluff, and timed dry (high heat) settings so I use the timed for dipes and low/delicate for clothes. It doesn't have a moisture sensor. The door opens down instead of to the side which I really like. The lint trap is on top but it's not that big of a deal and I'd rather have the dust on top of the dryer where I can easily wipe it than on the...
Oh poor Maria, looks like she's getting a lot more than 25 and I know she hates to turn people away.
I just can't do it! As much as I hate to pass up a KP I truly don't need another wool cover, especially with winter coming up. *sigh*
Yeah, they do
Is he teething? My son gets like that when he's teething and it once lasted 3 weeks. All tests came back negative, he hadn't been around any animals or children at all, we hadn't traveled, etc. The doctors didn't think it could be from teething but I knew it was and sure enough, once his teeth pooped through it went away. I haven't found any cream to help with teething rash yet but I ordered the balm from Northern Essence that Marine posted about last week to try when his...
I'm sure it's interlock. Aren't her covers AWESOME?!
I have a 3 month old daughter and after having a boy I had no idea what to do with her. I think the white stuff is just gunk leftover from when she was in the womb??? I left it there for a while and when she was bigger it was easier to clean so I wiped it off. I wipe everywhere there is poop and spead the outer labia apart to wipe between the folds but not the inner. DH is still scared of her :LOL
Am I the only one who can't find the rash balm?
I vote for the Fuz. You can always get longies but theses are hard to find. Actually, I think you should wait and see how high they go up and if you're not going to get much for your money then I think you should save it for your upcoming orders. Besides, I can't NOT vote for fux now can I??? :LOL Remember, September isn't far away at all. I can't believe it's already August!
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