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I have 6 but can only find 2 at any given time.
I was just thinking the same thing! It's rare to find really cute boy prints.
We use FB with 2 JBs. He wears a short sleeve onesie so he couldn't take off his dipes if he tried, which he hasn't yet.
Oooooohhh, how beautiful! I love the colors.
I bought some a few months ago from Lil Padded Seats because they had free shipping for purchases under $10.
I like the Kissaluvs much better than the ME. Neither are very absorbant but the Kissaluvs seem slighty more so, esp. with the doubler added. They fit my son much better and I like the lower rise. The ME come up too high and cut off his chubby belly when he sits and are also harder to get a good fit. My son is 9 months and almost 18 lbs and we are still using size 1s and they will probably work for a while longer. Good luck!
I was horrified reading about the paddle. Reading the words ... spank a child in the face... sent a chill through me, even though it was saying don't do it. And really, who would put that up for decoration????
At first I used olive oil, TTO, and lavender but now I just use plain old tap water. BTW Whole Foods sells Burt's Bees also.
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