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just cause I wanna know, too.
Sometimes my rectocele causes those types of problems. Def mention that at your visit.
mostly writing non-fiction/essays here. Doing a blog critique/refutation of a pro-punishment book author. little too highly specialised to be good for resumes, tho'. nak
I agree. My kids look slightly odd to me, compared to kids eating a mainstream diet. DS2's arms and legs and face are round, but he is incredibly slim through the torso. DS1 is just very slim. He's still soft-looking, iykwim, still looks like a kid, but there's no belly, no arm rolls, etc. By themselves they just look like my boys...but next to thers they look...odd.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mom2M Yes, it was a sign of MS for me also. Ask them to look at your optic nerve. He can see it just looking in your eye with the ophthalmoscope. OK, I will do that!
How are you and their dad built? Are you both tall, broad framed, etc, or are you both- or one of you small and slender? Our kids tend to look like us, even if their diet isn't optimal. My kids look like poster kids for TF, but their diet is still not great. They are both very strong, broad shoulders. They look like miniature men I like to say. One is 95th % and one is 50th% and they are both very healthy. my older son is the long-long legged and armed one, very slim...
I think a critique group would kill me. Think of me today...I'm hunting down writing jobs. If I need a reference for web writing, is it appropriate to set up a blog specifically to show some of the types of writing I can do? rainbowmoon- That FWO site is amazing!!!
Ok. I'll go in as soon as possible. Maybe I can get them to do a payment plan? Sigh.....
Quote: Originally Posted by tanyalynn If you're looking for a totally different perspective, I'd find a doctor of Chinese Medicine. TCM links vision health to liver health (in the TCM sense, not in the failing a liver function panel way). I found it interesting since my near-sightedness kicked in when other stresses on my health started--stresses that weren't eye-related, but have ended up to be liver-related. Hmmm... that's a possibility. I...
'diagnosed' !! Oh, and yeah, I think if you feel like you're in possession of some serious umm... 'acreage' then you fit in here!
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