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Quote: Originally Posted by katiedidbug heidirk, I can PM you info on getting started with content writing if you'd like. Just lmk. If you're already a writer, it's a pretty easy way to make money. yes, please! I have a blog, but its new and kinda specialised so Idk if it would be a good example of my writing. I haven't gotten paid for anything yet. rainbowmoon- thanks for those links, too...I will check those out!
had mine tested a few times. it's always borderline something. Never enough to test further. Me- I think each system in my body is off just slightly. Put them all togerther and you have a royal mess.
I just got this one and it fits beautifully, and is very comfortable! I can hardly believe it's true!
I started a blog a month ago, and I am trying to find work doing some writing online. I would love to do Web content, but I have no clue how to find those jobs, and I am gathering notes for a book. It's time to make some money doing something that comes naturally!
Thanks... No, I just wish my brain worked...when I want it to...and ONLY when I want it to. I have to much to do to have to wrestle my 'uniqenesses' into 'strengths' right now. I'm exhausted.
My eyesight is terrible and its driving me insane. My opthamologist is less than forthcomeing- he's just a cranky old dude. Good- but old and cranky. seriously. I seem to have regions of grey fuzz. Its hard to pinpoint them. I feel like I'm losing my sight- and the doc doesn't seem concerned. I'm 32, and I've had glasses since 4th grade- my myopia continues to worsen.
Yup. I'm in.
because I've just started to enjoy (crave) pickles for the first time in my life!
pretty cruddy all around here. I hate summer. I would give just about anything to be normal right now.
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