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big big hugs from a reformed spanker. You CAN stop. It takes time, but every moment you want to is an opportunity to change. I know how you feel. You've got some excellent advice here. Also I would look for some solid developmental info on her age group, a LOT of her behavior is NORMAL.
another hothead here.
Well, here we go, a brand new thread. Our last thread has outlived its usefullness due to being so very very long. I thought we might actually do a roll call this time. Here's me- Heidi- ADD- on meds for depression and anxiety, but not ADD. My challenges are mainly connected to keeping house, and getting everyone where they need to go. On time does not exist in my world. There's lots more of us- post an introduction, and lmk if you'd like me to edit you...
I only heard about it, btu it made me mad. I've been held to a stricter standard of modesty by my church b/c I am larger than the other young mommas. And I'm not even very large. ETA- I think the ad is beautiful.
I have to say that was one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life. Sara, I agree w/you. Her hand had to be up over her head or in front of her face. It was after you said you had felt something move that your labor picked up. I think that's when her arm came down by her ear, and then you made progress. I was seriously pushing with you! You were amazing!!!!! Cody'smomma and Jess- I am so sorry I never got back on here to answer your posts. I...
what is a perineocele? Does anyone else deal with no urge for a BM? It just seems like I never know I have to go until I have painful belly cramps, and then I better go IMMEDIATELY. If you know what I mean, how do you deal w/it?
yup- we're here right now too. M is 18 mos. When I get overwhelmed and even angry- I take a momma time out. He may be crying, but I can't help if I'm not calm. And OFTEN, there is nothing YOU can do to make it better. If I'm on top of him, trying to help, he gets mad. So I often say, 'Momma will be over here if you need me.' And I usually go to prepare a snack. I find even being a little bit hungry makes toddlers VERY irrational.
I went through a period of mourning over my 'baby' DH's circ. IT was connected to the fact that my intact brother chose to circ HIS sons, and so the images of tiny babes and RIC were just too real. as time passed, the sadness has faded, and i'm glad we have what we do have. Things are good, and I do not EVER bring it up to him. Stand strong for your DS's and mourn if you need to.
Yes, the spectrum organics is the Palm FRUIT oil. It states it clearly on the package, and I looked the company up a few different ways, and they are sustainably harvested. That's what I get. It makes a fantastic pie crust, etc. basically replaces anything you'd use Crisco in. I know baking with flour isn't very TF, but I've also cooked with it, it makes great fried things.
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